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    Default Early miscarriage experience

    Hi ladies,

    I just wanted to share my recent experience of an early miscarriage at 5 weeks and where we're at now. I'm 25 and DH is 28. We went off BCP mid pack on Dec 8th (so TTC for only a few months). We decided to keep our TTC a secret from parents and in laws so that it would be an awesome surprise for them when we conceived!

    I downloaded Fertility Friend on my Ipad which I've found to be so helpful and informative. I started charting once I had done a full cycle after BCP. I watched my temp rise while we were 1year anniversary-mooning in a holiday apartment. It was clear that I was ovulating as I was also a super hornbag that weekend! Such perfect timing!

    At 12dpo I used an internet cheapy HPT and there was a faint line. I backed it up with 4 more over the next 48hours. I then decided to get myself a pack of 3x FRERs and saw it a lot darker. So we decided to go and tell our parents the big news and they were so over the moon. DH's dad was holding back tears. We told our best friends and that was it. Of course we knew that anything could happen from that point, but we had had such a great run of good luck that I had faith that it would all be OK.

    I saw my doc and he asked me for the date of my LMP. I told him I've been charting and I ovulated late but he didn't want to know that - he only wanted to know the LMP date! I knew this would put his estimated dates out by a week. He confirmed a urine test and I drew my first blood test. Well I received a call the next day something like this "Your blood test results show that your HCG is quite low at 97 and the doctor would like you to get another test in 48hrs... Take care." The sympathy in the receptionists voice was haunting. I thought to myself hey the doc probably just thinks I'm 6 weeks when I know I'm only 5 weeks and it's nothing to worry about.

    Well actually it got me really worried! Enough to take out another FRER and retest. My test line was ridiculously lighter than my last FRER result!
    I googled and googled and cried and cried and called my mum and my best friend. Meanwhile my best friend had just gotten her BFP within days of mine and had received the same concerns from her doctor. She was awaiting the results of her second blood test as well.

    My bestie got her results and her HCG had gone from 89 to 2000 in a few days. It was great news but nothing explained my lighter FRER result.

    Well I had just about done all my grieving before I received my second blood test results. I know people say that HPTs aren't quantitative but they pretty much are on a FRER. I knew what was going on. I had also suspected that my pregnancy symptoms should have been stronger by 5 weeks. Well I received the call yesterday that my HCG had dropped from 97 to 27 in 48hrs. I'm barely even pregnant anymore.

    Today I am experiencing worsening cramping but still no blood. It's like the pain I get after I BD close to AF when my cervix is low. Ouch! It sucks that I just have to wait it out, but I want it to happen naturally and not interfere with my body by getting a D & C. I haven't got any contraction like cramps yet but I know that's probably coming soon.

    DH and I are going to start trying again straight away and I'll be temping again.
    FYI my temp is still pretty high at the moment.

    I really just needed to share my experience. So shocking and disappointing after such a high. I'm going to get straight back on the horse though and keep trying.

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    I am so sorry to hear your experience. Miscarriage is so heartbreaking. I just had my second at the end of Jan and it is devastating.

    Keep positive and keep trying. When you bring home your baby the joy you feel will be worth the pain of getting there.

    Stay strong. Hugs.

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    So sorry for your loss and thankyou for being brave enough to share your story.

    I have lost 2 babies now (towards the end of the 1st tri) and you know what? The grief and despair is all the same. Seeing those 2 lines gives you so much joy, anticipation and hope for the future then to have that elation taken away...its horrible and heartbreaking no matter how far along you are.

    I hope that nature is kind to you and wish you well for your future ttc journey xx

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    Gracie, my heart is breaking for you. This happened to me in Oct and I'm still not fully over it. Be kind to yourself and your DH. No matter how early it was that baby was real to you as soon as you saw the second line so let yourself grieve for it.

    If I could get rid of one phrase in the world it would be chemical pregnancy, as if a loss at 5 or 6 weeks is less than one at 8 or 9.


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