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    Default Recurring dreams: Do you have them?

    Every now and then I have a dream where it's the final rehearsal for a play and I have a lead role. Not only have I not learned my lines, I've also lost the script so I spend the time scurrying around asking others if they have a copy. I think the underlying anxiety is "not being prepared" and "letting others down".

    Share your recurring dream here!

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    I have quit a few recurring dreams. They are too strange to write down but there is always a room with a ghost!

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    I have had a few recurring dreams over the years- having said that, I dream very vividly and frequently dream about stuff going on in my life, it's a running joke in my family that if a subject affects me, I dream about it. For eg: if I read a disturbing story in the paper, thst will more than likely be the theme of my dream that night- same goes for movies watched, conversations had that day, (especially if it has had a negative affect on me) my feelings always manifest into my dreams.
    My most recurring dream stems from real life. My parent's divorced when I was 10 and we moved out of our family home, which was a beautiful modern 4 bedroom family home my parents had built, into an old, weather board rental. My mum was now a single mum to 4 of us, so money became very tight. Gone was my childhood home, a house I knew and loved. Obviously the divorce had a huge affect on me (it was the trigger to alot of my anxiety/depression that has stayed with me) and at least 3 or 4 times a year, to this day (I am now 31) have the following dream...
    I am back visiting my old childhood home, but there's another family living there; I am so anxious and excited to get through the front door and venture into my old bedroom. I have a garbage bag and start robbing the house, mainly my old bedroom, and fill the bag with the new peoples' things. The dream.is filled with adrenaline but also anger and sadness as I realise "my" house is no longer "mine".
    Another recurring dream has to do with the fact that to this day one of my biggest regrets is that I never finished highschool- I became your typical rebellious teen and started wagging alot in year 10, mixed with the wrong crowd and dropped out. In this dream I have had for years now, I am sitting a maths exam but I realise that I don't know any of the answers because I've missed so much class time. I'm really distressed in the dream as I fail the test and all of my friends pass and go on to university and get good jobs. I am always rummaging around, looking for a pencil to start writing the answers but my school bag is empty.

    I also dream about my grandparents a LOT. In it they are alive and happy. (IRL they have passed).

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