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    Default Can babies sense our stress?

    I just wanted to share my experience in case it helps anyone else....although hopefully most people don't stress like I do

    Since my bub left hospital (born 4 weeks prem via c section so 7 nights) he has fed badly. Hard to burp, pulling into his own body, back arching, red face, groaning, moaning, vomiting -you name it regularly for around an hour after feeds (sometimes MUCH longer).

    We saw our pediatrician twice in 7 weeks after leaving hospital, gp once and maternal health nurse near on weekly. All tried to help but basically we got the completely disheartening hidden message of wait 12 weeks and it should pass. Due to our persistence bub was tried on hydrolyzed formula and losec in case food intolerance or reflux wee causing the issue. Nothing seemed to help and we were pumping bub up with every colic mix we could find.

    On Sunday (bub 8 weeks) I freaked at his persistent distressed vomiting and called the nurse on call. She immediately heard my stress and told me to pop bub in his rocker. He stopped vomiting and calmed right down for the rest of my 15 min call. I then took him to mums for a break and in the next 48 hours of my mum did not have a single wriggle, squirm, groan or vomit (he still spits up a little when burping as most babies do though!). After realizing that my stress over his 'medical issues' was causing him to stress I calmed down, stopped thinking the worst and have fed him myself all today with no issues.

    I definitely believe reflux, colic and wind exist for many babies and perhaps my baby just outgrew them recently or meds kicked in properly but I think my stress really did make him worse.

    I hope this might help someone else as this has by far been the hardest 8 weeks if my life making bonding really hard and hate to think of anyone else searching for solutions if it is possible theirs could be as simple as mine may be (we will see in time I suppose!)
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    Yes I think so I've noticed most people (customers and babies alike), will act up when the person they're relying on is stressed and getting a bit frantic.
    I try to internalize the stress and smile through it (if that makes any sense lol), it becomes second nature after awhile and it actually calms me down (I might make a little joke about it with adults, with the kids I sing a mummy's getting stressed song and have a giggle with them). That calms them down too and everyone's day improves a bit When I get stressed and show it, both my Bubs gets very upset and much more difficult to look after.

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    I'm a really anxious person and yet both of my kids are laid back, confident, secure and don't even suffer separation anxiety (3 and 4 yrs). I don't know how someone like me (who is none of those things) could have kids that are pretty much the polar opposite of what I am so it's not always the case.

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    I guess it really depends on the baby. My first 2 where really laid back. My second 2 are really high strung when ever I stress baby cries and cries and pre-schooler starts misbehaving. I'm a more stressed out less laid back person now then I was when I had the first 2.

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