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    Yes me!!
    Well.... bf wasn't technically easier with my third, I still had the exact same issues... but, I didn't let these issues win. I went in totally 150% determined that I WAS going to bf for at least 12 months. During pregnancy, I educated myself soooooo much about my recurrent bf issues , I rang the ABA for advice, went to LC's for advise, did bf classes. I told everyone that I was bf no matter what, and if they didn't want to support this decision, that they could kindly keep their mouth shut (for my first 2 everyone kept telling me that it's too hard, just go to formula).

    When I started having issues I shopped around for doctors, LC's, more ABA people until I found someone that didn't just pass me off again. Seriously I went to so many GP's. Anyway I eventually found one that wanted to trial something with me, and it worked. I also took ultra strict care of my boobies, even all through the night.

    I ended up bfing for 2.5 years!

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    Yep I gave up trying after my first and second. My second child died suddenly of SIDS so with my third I persevered because I was determined to breastfeed. It hurt like heck for about 2 weeks and then I was fine- no pain at all. I have breastfed every child since and I'm about to have my 7th. It hurt for roughly 2 weeks each time but I got through it and you can too if you hold on and don't allow the nurses or anyone to give your baby a bottle. Just insist on breastfeeding and if you are struggling talk to the lactation consultant. The lactation consultant at my hospital saved me with my last baby. She got impatient after my milk came in and changed shape from engorgment . We ended up using nipple shields and it really helped her attachment, after a month she was feeding without them I've never had to use them before so it was different but we made it work


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