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    Default Early riser getting earlier!

    Hi all, I'm sure we've all seen these posts before, but in case I've missed something, I'd love some hints and tips please. I have 2 boys. Ds1 is 3 and ds2 is 15months. They've both been early risers. With ds1 I tried everything I read but nothing worked. He was awake and ready for the day at 5am every day until about 2 yrs of age when he started 'sleeping in' until 6am.

    Fast forward to ds2 who has also always been an early riser. It's getting earlier! 4.30!! I am getting very tired and emotional because he is also still waking during the night. I was prepared to just deal with 5am starts until he grew out of it like ds1, but I really can't do 4.30am starts.

    Any hints, tips, suggestions please before I go insane?


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    What time does it get light over there?

    When I moved bub to his own toddler bed (in the same room as us) he would come back to the big bed in the middle of the night. For a while that was OK, then I made a rule that he could only do this when the sun came up. So I've been saying each night that the sun is going down, it's dark now, it's time to sleep, and then in the morning I say that the sun is up, it's time to get up, wake up... that kind of thing.

    Can you use sun up/down as cues for your bub? Say that we don't get out of bed until the sun comes up? You can play with xyz in bed if you wake up but you don't get up until the sun comes up. Is he in his own room? Maybe you can go to him when he wakes early and say, look, the sun is not up, it's still dark, mummy will come back when the sun comes up? Our boy is 18 months and will now only join us in the big bed when it's dawn.
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    Is he cold? That's the coldest time of the night.
    I treat any waking before 5:30 as though it's still during the night. I ignore him when he wakes up and only go in if he starts screaming. 9 times out of 10 he will go back to sleep On his own. I do this for all night wakings. Unless he's sick or really really upset then I don't go in his room until after 6am every day. At this age tough love works quickly!


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