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    Default WISC results - what do you focus on?

    Ok, so my ds has finally had a WISC assessment and we met the psychologist for the results last week. He has some very strong areas particularly in maths and he was very weak (comparatively at least) in his processing speed. Obviously we need to do some work on his processing speed (and school had already highlighted this).

    But, what did you (or the school) do with your childs WISC results? Did they focus on the biggest weakness and 'fix' that? Or focus on the really strong areas and provide extra challenges? Or focus on the areas in the middle & try to 'improve' them?

    The fact that our ds's processing speed is so much lower than everything else means this is obviously a priority, but what else should I be pushing the school to do or should I be focusing on at home? The psych gave us suggestions on improving processing speed and we're going back in a few weeks.

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    I've never heard if those tests but I work testing children with a behavioral optometrist and we test perceptually and do lots of processing speed testing. Processing speed is a long and hard road to improve- if that isn't brought up to speed everything else will suffer so processing speed is definitely what I would work on first and foremost

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    Hi mim1

    We had similar results for our DD. We were advised that lower processing speed can be common with high iq results. The explanation given was that the thinking is far more in depth and the child may be exploring several answers/outcomes before giving the correct answer. This analytical processing may cause some issues if they are required to 'think on their feet' but it will be the skill that will assist them throughout their education.

    My DD was tested several years ago and she has come to love and excel at timed tests. She still hesitates at verbal quick responses but otherwise thrived. Hopefully your school will be supportive. Ours was not interested. We used the results just for us to get a better understanding where we needed to support her. Good luck with the fun and sometimes frustrating journey ahead!
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