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    Default Negative blood HCG tests

    So I went to the doctor a few days ago because I have had some stomach pain over the last 2 weeks. A little stretchy/burny during the day and occasional really bad cramping on a couple of nights which made it hard to get comfortable.

    I put it down to a food intolerance even though I've never had one before and I haven't been eating anything out of the ordinary.

    I hadn't even considered pregnancy as my partner and I haven't had any bedroom time for at least 5 or 6 weeks and I haven't missed a period in that time (although I currently have it and it was a few days late but that's normal for me).

    When I described the pain the first thing my doctor asked was the possibility of pregnancy. She examined my stomach and said it felt quite bloated and distended and that she could feel a mass in the middle. She sent me to have a blood test straight away but that came back negative. I doubt that I am pregnant as surely a blood test would come back positive but I wonder if others have had a similar experience?

    I'm having a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow and an abdominal one next week. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this (even though I haven't had any pain in about 5 days)

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    Well that was a relief but annoying at the same time. Negative blood test and nothing found in either ultrasound. Glad to know there's nothing majorly wrong with my organs but whatever caused the pain is still a mystery...

    Ah the body does some funny things!


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