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    When trying naturally I was told to start after ovulation and if bfn at end of cycle wean off and the start again after next ovulation. It's not good for fertility to be on it for an extended period while ttc. The pp in the nk cells thread was put on it for an extended period while ttc and she stopped ovulating but not sure if it correlates. I was on 10mg after ovulation and then told to double it on bfp. If bfn, wean down to 5mg for a couple of days then 2.5 for a couple of days then nothing. The issue with ttc is that you don't know when it will happen so you could end up on it for a really long time, not great for your body.

    Re side effects, I had insomnia as I was told to take it morning and night at first but then changes to morning and lunch and I was fine even on the higher dose. I did gain weight once I was on the higher dose as I was starving and I did get fluffy hair on my face and chin. Once I was 16 weeks I started weaning and when I was down to 10mg it all started to go away and was completely gone a few weeks later. It can deplete your calcium so it's really important to take Caltrate plus each day. Good luck!

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    Thanks timetoshine

    Yeah I definitely wouldn't be on it for extended periods of natural trying. We'll do only two months of monitored cycles (my clinic won't even prescribe the drug if they're not doing it on a tracked cycle - I guess that's to stop the chance of someone being on it for an extended period of time ttc) and then ill go off it and reassess after that. That'll be seven weeks on the drug if neither cycle has success.

    I had a chat to my fertility nurse today who said it should not affect my ovulation and that they use it a lot.. In natural non medicated FETs people are only tracked for the first half of their cycle and if they happen to be one of the ones on prednisolone too then they still take it.. From day 7... so prior to ovulation.. So if it affected ovulation that'd be something that was noticed a lot considering they do lots of natural fet cycles with people on prednisolone... which she said it isn't. My FS knows we are trying naturally and specifically told me to start day 7 so I can only assume that's because it won't affect ovulation. At least I hope so!!! Time will tell... They're tracking my ovulation starting tomorrow so it'll be pretty obvious if it does affect it
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