I am not sure if anyone will know the answer to this as it is quite specific but just in case...
regarding the CCB. If you have your children in different childcare providers how does each one know what CCB rate to apply on any given week?

I am having an issue at the school of DD and DS1. DD is in after school care and DS2 in long-day care which is part of the school so all the finance department. DS2 is at Family Day Care.

I have been told I am entitled to the three child rate of CCB if all children are in care on the SAME days in any given week - which they all are ( Mon-Wen).

I was told by centrelink that it is up to the provider to apply the right percentage and then take that off the total bill each week.

So-how does the provider know if for whatever reason you don't have three for a certain week? Eg-my family day carer is away for 3 weeks, but the three child rate has been applied this week for CCB from the school. We have been getting a different rate each week since we started getting CBB in Jan of this year. The women in finance is a DRAGON and impossible to speak to. Last week it was the one child rate for both DD and DS1. I tried to email her but she wanted to speak in person ( so she can yell at me and abuse me without me having proof I think - she is truly a horrible woman).

Anyway - if anyone here works for CL it'd be nice to have this clarified. How does any provider know what is happening with any other child at any one time? we are entitled to 51% CCB - last week we got 24% which is enough of a difference to want it done right!