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    Default egg or embryo, either would be good.

    My husband and I have been married for over 11 years and have been trying for almost 6 years to have a child.
    He is fine, unfortunately I am the one with all the issues and problems. So we are looking for either donor eggs or donor Embryos.

    Rainer (Hubby) is 43 and I am 37. We are looking for someone to help us complete our family. Rainer is a teacher, primary trained but teaches mainly year 7. He also is a year co-ordinator and has to deal with Pastoral Care for the students. I am not working presently, but have admin skills. I am in the process of writing my second novel. In the future i would like to write a novel dealing with infertility.
    I will also say I am trained as a professional Nanny, so we both have skills in dealing with children.

    We are both active in children's ministry, my hubby is a director of a Pathfinder club, (like scouts). I am one of the teachers, and it covers all areas of life. Spiritual, mental, outside/survival skills. The kids goes on 3-4 camps per year, where they have to set up their tents and cook their own food.

    I love singing and Rainer plays the guitar, we have performed together a few times. I love having music around all the time. Especially when cooking or cleaning. I am a good cook, and have a few special recipies which my husband likes (i think we can all say that is good).

    We are a very comitted couple. We don't have much physical contact with our parents. But we do keep in contact, my family are on the other side of the country, and his family (only his mother) are travelling much of the time. But we have been 'adopted' by a family. So any child will have extra grandparents/ aunties/ and cousins to be around.

    We know life will change when we have a child, but we have had to deal with change as we have lived in 3 differente states. We also love to travel, even if only within Australia, and believe a child would love to have the oppoturnity to see different things.

    We are also planning in the future to go into fostering. They don't want you to foster if you are going through IVF because of the up and down emotions. Regardless we will love all children put in our care.

    I think that is about all for now. Please contact me and i will answer any questions you might have. i guess I should also mention that we live WA, just south of Perth (Rockingham). But as I have family in Sydney we are able to accept a donor from either state, would be fine. I am open to any state, i don't want to limit myself.


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    i am going to write a bit more hoping my emotions really touch someone's heart.

    I never thought have a child would be hard for me. I would marry and after a few years have a few children. By now i would have expected to have at least 2 children. hopefully a boy and girl, but whatever i was blessed with. I even thought about opening my home up to foster children who needed love and care.
    I had a few false starts, when i had symptoms that could have been pregnancy signs. but alas

    Obviously that was not to be, I am now looking for an egg donor. Someone who will allow me the opportunity to to share my love and home with a lovely baby. A child who will be partly your genetic material. I am quite open with contact or not, It would be something to talk about together.

    I have had a lot of ups and downs especially as you see other women getting pregnant. I am looking for a very special lady and i hope this emotional post will touch you and at least consider me.



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