Hi After a long thought process and research and personal experience we decided not to send our DD5 to school this year but to have her attend pre-school for another year 3 days a week.....Last year she went everyday without a problem, never cried and would ask everyday if today was school...but since returning this year, she cries the night before knowing school is the next day, she will get dressed and go through the motions of getting ready for school but the moment we pull into the car park she changes....I have to stay with her for an hour ish and the moment I say ok I love you its time for me to go she starts crying hysterically begging me to take her home with me....it breaks my heart to have to say to her I cant you need to stay here at school...I walk away hearing her crying and calling my name...I sit in the car park in my car and cry. I am still confident we did the right thing by not sending her to school this year...emotionally she just isn't ready....but in a corner of my mind I feel bad that she made friends last year and had a strong bond with a group of girls who have now all started "big school".....I wonder if DD feels abandoned by them......when I ask why she doesn't want to go to school...she says she misses me and wants to stay with me.....anyone had a similar problem and can offer some advice on what I can do to lesson her anxiety and get her back to loving school again?