Hi im not sure how to go about this.
My partner and I are both females we have an 8 month old son (my precious violent relationship) we are looking for a sperm donor as we want 1 more child we want to do everything legally. So there will be legal documents and we would rather the donor agree to sign over ALL parental rights and agree to have NO contact with the child for the childs whole life. We want AI (no sex only) it will be done through a clinic. Donor will need to pass medical testing and we will need a full family medical history. We are hoping to start trying to conceive between the months of JULY and OCTOBER. If you are healthy, fit, Caucasian, 20-45yrs of age and willing to help us on OUR terms and conditions please get back to me. If need be please feel free to inbox me at terrorlovesbec@gmail.com.

We are also hoping the person who agrees is willing to donate for free as we dont have a huge income at this point.
Thank you everyone look forward to hearing back.