Hi all (first time mum here),

My 6month old was bitten on the forehead by a mosquito. He's got quite sensitive skin so I've been keeping a close eye on it. It happened a few days ago and it seemed fine even though it wasn't getting smaller or fading. This morning it was redder than usual and looked a little more risen and shiny in the middle (it's still quite small in size), then at lunch time he hit himself on the forehead with a toy, smack bang right on top of the mozzie bite and it bled a tiny bit (almost as if it had been squeezed). I put some ice on (on and off for a few seconds at a time), but about 10mins later a bit of clear fluid came out, some of it had a slight tinge to it.
Has anyone got any advice about what to do? I'm obviously worried about infection and trying to keep the area clean, but is there something topical I can put on it? Should I take him to the doc?
Also, we're going to a birthday picnic in the park tomorrow, should I put a small bandaid or hat on to stop any germs getting in or just leave it.