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    Honestly I think nearly everybody struggles with the toddler years, it's a hard slog, some days I really feel my sanity slipping too, it's mentally and physically draining.

    It does pass ( I'm always reassuring myself with this thought!)

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    Yes, toddlers are very trying, they're meant to be, it's natures way of forcing us to discipline our children and take a step back from the 24/7 baby-parenting stage.

    The topic comes up over and over again, mums who feel bad because parenting a toddler can be so utterly UN-fun and push you to your limits. Every mum says 'but I love them dearly' as though what they're feeling is unnatural. It isn't! It's perfectly natural for any normal adult to find it relentless at times. Of course you love them, why do we (collectively) question that?

    The media that's why - makes parenting out to be all fun and gorgeous. Why else! Don't know, maybe mums/parents always trying to better than the next guy, so we ourselves build it up to unrealistic 'standards'.

    OP you are not a horrible or unnatural mother, you're normal and doing the best you can. We don't have a village helping to raise our children these days which makes it that much harder and less break. I am a single parent and without daycare I'd be struggling so much, I'd be crazy! I've just upped his days too, I need it. I'm starting work soon though but it's still a break I need.

    My DS is 3.5 and just starting to get better and easier to handle (doesnt run off so much etc). It does get better, it is the age (for boys at least not sure but the girls seem better at that age).


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