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    Default Pain relief

    Interested to know what pain relief you have had in labour.

    With ds1 I was enduced, had a long difficult labour with epidural and a top up, I also had gas. The epidural had little effect at all, I still felt every contraction but couldn't feel when to push because I was completely numb in vagina area, nowhere else. Once baby was out I was really sick from the gas.

    With ds2 I was also enduced but had a 4 hour labour. I could feel when to push this time, I could feel everything. I'd had the epidural which only numbed my legs, I couldn't feel my legs for hours after baby was born. I also had pethidine which made me so drowsy, I couldn't hold ds when he was born, dh had to help me. I kept falling asleep.

    I will most likely be enduced again this time but I'm planning on not having the epidural considering it isn't really effective for me. The midwife thinks my body doesn't block out pain very well, forgot exactly how she worded it now.

    Wondering if there is any other pain relief I could have this time. It's the contractions I find very intense and painful, I was fine with birthing.

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    DD1 - induced after SROM. Had one injection of pethidine and a puff of gas.

    DS - no interventions or drugs. SROM.

    DD2 - SROM. Spinal combined with epidural as it was emergency c-section due to transverse lie. Was 5cm when I got to hospital and my husband didn't even make it for the birth as he was at work and it all happened really quickly.
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