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    Default Ivf Fail again, what now, please tell me im not alone!

    Hi ladies,

    Im a first time user and first time poster..
    My name is Heidi and i will try and make my very long story short..
    I am 32 years old with PCOS and Hubby and i have been ttc for almost 7 years now..
    Had a terrible experience with our first Dr...
    Found a wonderful Dr, and started treatment.. We had 3 Cycles and no luck.
    In august 2011 on our 4th attempt we were so thrilled to find out that we were finally expecting our first baby. Things were going great and we were over the moon. Just before new years we were elated of the news that we were having a little girl.
    But at 22 and a half weeks, i went into pre-term labor. Our princess was with us for 5 min and passed away in mummys arms.

    After taking 6 months to grieve and process we went back to our Dr to discuss where we go from there. Between then and now we have learned that i also have natural killer cells just to make it that much harder. Since july 2012 and now we have had 10 more attempts. 4 positive results all followed up by miscarriages at 5-6 weeks.

    Has anyone ever lived through or know someone who has gone through similar issues and gone on to have healthy babies??
    Feeling so alone, like the universe doesn't want me to have a baby..
    How do you stay strong through so many failures and negative results. And how do you put all your failures behind you and stay upbeat and hopeful with new cycles and not live in the past..

    Thankyou for reading my post..

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    I saw your post and just wanted to tell you that i think you are amazing!
    I've been reading through these types of forums on and off for years now but i have never actually spoken to anyone. but i saw your story and i had to reply.
    even though my husband and i have been trying to conceive for almost 5 years, we have only done 3 (and a half) cycles of ivf. i was diagnosed with crohns disease half way into our second cycle and it had to be cancelled. we were told that we could not try again until i was in remission. it took me two years to get well and we've had two failed cycles since. i have never been pregnant. i am also in the process of organising my sister's baby shower! i am emotionally broken. i am struggling to pick myself up and go again. i don't know if i can.
    that was until i read your post...
    i cannot for a second imagine the heartache you have felt. i'm so very sorry that you have had to endure such loss. but i want to tell you more than anything that your post has done something for someone today.
    thank you for reminding me that its not about how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward (Rocky). my struggles are so small and insignificant in comparison. you have inspired me to pick myself up and try again. you found strength in yourself when you may not have had any left. your determination to keep trying, even with everything you have faced, is unbelievably admirable. please know that you are most definitely not alone! i have not experienced such loss, but i mourn everyday for a child i may never meet. please don't give up. you will be an amazing mother to someone!
    thank you for your help today. i wish i could help you in return.


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