Hi everyone
My DS is nearly three weeks old. He is on losec for reflux but also has the occasional projectile vomit every day.
He is bottle fed and I currently have him on Karicare Gold HA after switching from Karicare Plus.
I have noticed that the Avent anti colic bottle (size 1 teats for newborns) are still very fast and as he gulps down his milk I can hear the gurgling and gulping noises in his throat and belly. I have to stop him frequently to try burping him. He is not the best at burping, I have noticed that most his wind comes out the opposite end!
I am not sure whether his projectile vomits are from taking milk in too fast (even though I stop him frequently) or something else as he is still having plenty of wet nappies and gaining weight.
I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what bottles did you use?
I also have closer to nature which are ok but still slightly fast.
I have heard Dr Browns Bottles are really good, has anyone used those?? And where do you buy them from??