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Now I'm on the MB website drooling!
Do you have one of the newer Terrains? I didn't realise that they had upgraded them, they look really good!
My Terrain is one of the older models, and looks completely different. I don't think it had a handbrake, and it only had 12 inch wheels. It was the one with a metal basket underneath.

The one your describing is definitely more a runner than it used to be, how do you find it going over rough terrain?

There you go everyone, decemberbubba is absolutely right. Go for the newer Terrain, not the older model, as it's got 16 inch wheels. Those 4 inches of difference would make it heaps easier to use.
Off to look at pram porn...
Yep I have a newish one (bought in 2012). It is great over rough terrian - I have taken it on the beach, grass, dirt tracks and it doesn't skip a beat