Hiya all,
Congratulations on becoming members of a wonderful group...mums-to-be!
My name is Daph. I am the mother of 3 grown girls and 6 sleeping angels…

I have a Bachelor of Nursing with many years of nursing behind me. I am now in my third year at Charles Darwin University, NT, studying to gain my Bachelor of Midwifery. As part of my degree, I am required to 'follow through' the pregnancies of a number of women in order to gain the practical skills I require to graduate as the best midwife I can possibly be.
The follow-through program offers you the opportunity to receive continuity-of-care throughout your pregnancy, while developing a trusting and supportive relationship with me, your student midwife. In turn, I have the privilege of observing and providing the care to you and your family require during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period. As part of the collaboration, I attend some antenatal appointments, be present during the labour and birth of your baby, follow-up with postnatal visits after delivery and attend your 6 week GP visit. This allows me, the students, to expand my knowledge of midwifery and pregnancy, ultimately ensuring that I graduate as the best, most highly experienced midwife I can be.
This is a completely confidential and voluntary partnership.
I am seeking women in the Darwin / Palmerston areas who are interested in having a student midwife follow them through on their pregnancy and birth journey in 2014.

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions…