Hi all

I have a 7 mth old daughter who I have always nursed to sleep and I am happy to do this but the problem is it is no longer working :-(
It has been hit and miss the last 2 months and now it just doesn't work at all, infact it actually does the opposite. I will do our usual routine, white noise, dim light, feed on the lounge in the nursery etc and it just hypes her up. She has a quick feed and then is wide awake and extremely energetic and ready to play even though I know I've got her at the perfect window for sleep.
It's very hard as the only other way she will go to sleep is in the car. Flat out refuses to be rocked, walked , sung to, patted etc.

I'm just wondering if any other mums have had this problem?
And do you think after 2 months this could just be a temporary thing? Is it possible she might start nursing to sleep again? (I'm really hoping so!