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    Chicken pox might seem like a mild infection to some, but it can have very serious complications and children can die, and have died, from CP. There was a boy who died from CP complications in my home town, it was horrible.

    My son has an underlying autoimmune disease, and if he contracts any of these illnesses, he is at a very high risk of serious hospitalisation (and worse ). He has had the vaccinations, but they are obviously not 100% effective and he can still contract it. PLEASE, I implore you to think of children like this when you are tossing up whether or not to vaccinate. Especially if you are already a vaxxer.

    Quote Originally Posted by loislane2010 View Post
    I find the whole concept of chicken pox vax silly really. When i was a child and one of my friends had chicken pox we were encouraged to play with them so hopefully we would get it. Yes it can be dangerous in adults but in children its usually mild. So TBH, if one of my kids friends has it ill probably try and get them to get in while they are young. That and measles and mumps.
    Call me a bad mother if you want but i really think its better for kids to get these illnesses when they are young...obviously not whopping cough etc. Just the mild ones.
    This is honestly one of the more ridiculous things I have read on Bubhub. Measles and mumps are NOT mild. Good God!

    This is straight from the QLD fact sheet:

    Measles should not be regarded as a simple mild disease. Deaths occur mainly in children under five years of age, primarily from pneumonia, and occasionally from encephalitis. Complications are more common and more severe in people with a chronic illness and very young children.

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    I most definitely had my daughter vaccinated against CP and I'll be getting the shingles vaccination.


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