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    Default Soon to be Army wife?!

    First off, hey I'm new here! Haha.

    I'm a young mother my little girl is just about 10 months old.
    so recently my fiancé and I have been seriously talking about the australian defence force and about him joining. We currently live in Victoria (not long been here) I'm away from both parents as I'm originally from qld.
    i know there's a lot of ups and downs that come with army life but I really don't know a lot about the life of an army wife.
    So is there any army wives on here that could tell me a bit about the struggles and the good side to the life that comes with your hubby being in the defence force?

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    Hi I'm new too

    i can't tell you much and I can only tell you how my kids and myself are coping atm

    hubby left for basic training on monday
    This is how it went down

    Monday he went for the last physical checks and to sign the contract, at about 11 they were meant to say their Otha's, me and the kids were running late as we had an hour drive to get there, they waited till we arrived before beginning (it began around 11:15) than we had an hour to say our good byes, hubby texted me a bit on the bus, monday night we talk for a bit on the phone as he was staying at Sydney before they took them to wagga, the next day we exchanged text messages and a few phone calls while he was on the bus. That night he called me briefly After he had his hair cut (I asked him if he was meant to be on the phone, he had no idea he just wanted to take the opportunity while he could)

    tuesday i I received a text requesting some paperwork info he had forgotten, there was no pleasantries in the text like he normally does, no love you, no how are the kids, when questioned he didn't reply he just asked for another piece of paper work. It was very straight to the point

    "can you get this paper work for me please"
    "can you get this also"

    and that was the end of it

    putting two and two together I assume either he had someone breathing down his neck or someone else was relaying the messages or he had just got hauled over the coals for forgetting important info! As hubby would never not ask how the kids are.

    thats all the contact so far

    home life has been different we have been together since we were 13-14 we are now 26-27, 18-19 when we started living together, the lack of everyday contact is a bit hard
    we have two children one is 6 years the other is 9months, the 6 year old is a bit upset that her dad left, and hasn't had a lot of contact since going, but she is looking forward to receiving and sending him letters

    he is yet to call for a brief catch up on down time or what ever they call phone time, though the recruiter said he would be insured to ring once a week unless he is out bush, due to the fact he has kids and a partner back home (I don't really believe him but we will see)

    Before hubby left he took me to meet the defense community groups in our area, I have to say of all of this the guy who speaks with the army families upset me the most, he kept reaffirming that I'll be a single mum, bit saying "you will probably feel like a single mum when he is away" but honestly calling me a single mum. From the day he leaves you'll be a single mum, the army will come first but in the end it is worth it, you will be looked after and moved while he is working for the ADF... His words were not comforting

    But hubby and me talk a lot about life and our futures together and any issues we have so I expressed my worries straight away with this and he promised if I stick it out over the next four years I'll have the deciding vote on if he resigns or not

    anyway I'm new to this forum so not shire if you can message me but feel free to and I can let you know how basic training pans out and what happens with postings and that as I come to learn about it all


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