Hi all,

New member here from Perth, just feeling a tad lost atm. I have an almost 5 year old DD and i've just found out i'm 6 weeks pregnant with twins. The twins dad and i were only dating for 3 months, the night i broke the news about my pregnancy to him he told me he can't give me the answers i want (about what i meant to him after 3 months) because he's messed up in the head. we're still talking and he's been to a few appointments and scans with me.

The pregnancy is turning out to be complex, i lost my mucous plug on thursday and bled a bit but not heavy, friday i was still bleeding a bit so i brought the ultrasound forwards. my LMP was 11/11 but i'm only 6+1 weeks. The ultrasound revealed there's two distinct egg yolks in the same sack, one has a foetal pole the other doesn't, no heartbeats could be detected. I'm not overly worried about the heartbeats because 6 weeks is quite early, i'm more concerned about the bleeding and hopefully the blood test i had today reveals my hcg levels are still rising.