Hi there,

not sure if this is best here or in the sleep section.

my 3 year old, I would say suffers! from nightmares/night terrors/vivid dreams.
they seem to be almost every night at the moment, you can often hear him yelling out in his sleep, and seem to wake him. One night I heard " no go away, leave me alone"
i hate to think what he was dreaming about that night.

In the morning he has no recollection of it, but I worry it's disrupting his sleep, he certainly is sleeping soundly, he is very restless in his sleep.

He has a strict bed time of 7pm, and is up at 6:30 in the morning. He doesn't have a day sleep any longer, or not regularly. When he does, it doesn't change the night terrors, just makes him resistant to his bed time.

he watches no more than 1 hr of supervised screen time a day, and all very g rated.

are night terrors, vivid dreams and nightmares normal in this age group?
does anyone have any suggestions, advice, tips to avoid
or am I worrying over normal childhood behaviours?