I've had pain in my shoulder, forearm & wrist since I woke up this morning. The pain extends down my first finger. I'm 18 & a half weeks. The pain is in my shoulder blade & also a little at the front of my shoulder, it's not a sharp pain, it's really achy - feels a little like I need to crack my shoulder or something (not that I would ever do that). It's also an achy type pain in my forearm but a sharper pain in my wrist & hand. I've had issues with my neck forever but I've never experienced this before. I'm aware that carpal tunnel is possible in pregnancy but that seems unlikely given my shoulder pain (unless it's a coincidence).

Is it likely to be a problem? I'm assuming it won't affect my pregnancy (correct me if I'm wrong) but I don't want it to get too much worse.

Any ideas for managing this? I won't go to chiros, but happy to try anything else (although I've not had much luck with physios in the past).