Hi everyone

OK so i will start from the beginning, Murray and i met each other about 5 years ago and about a month after i 'came out of the closet' so to speak,and since that day we haven't spent a day apart ,about 12 months after we met we were looking at both moving out of our parents house and finding a place together, at first we were just looking at rental properties but after we got knock back 5 times we thought stuff you we will just buy a house lol. So thats what we did. We found a real gem just half way between my folks house and Murray folks house,being close to our family was a must for both of us, we are really close to every member of our family, and with Murray's mother being greek she would not have let us move to far away lol.

So we now have been here for 4 years and renovated most of the inside of the house, we have 3 dogs a cat , 2 birds and a saltwater fish tank lol. so our furry family is now complete and we love them to bits.

From about a couple months into our relationship children has been something that we talked about all the time, but it wasnt until about 2 years ago when my siblings and friends started creating there own families that we started to yearn and long for it,after doing some research i came across surrogacy australia facebook page and got to know a few very special people that has help us immensely, after some intense thinking we both decided to move forward and make our dreams a reality.

We found an amazing clinic in thailand and had a friend of ours that had said she would donate her eggs for us (THE MOST AMAZING PERSON I KNOW) so we booked our flights and accom and jumped on a plain over there, we were greeted by some of the most friendly and gracious people we have ever met, beautiful and warm hearted people.

We were straight of the plain and straight into the process, Murray had a surrogate and i had a surrogate lined up for us, it was just a matter of starting our donors treatment and giving our samples. We made the most of being in another country as it was all our first time in another country, we were very excited and overwhelmed in a good way by bangkok city, it was amazing. buy the last few days we were all very exhausted from all the site seeing and the sticky heat. When the day of the collection came around we were so very nervous, our donor done such an amazing thing for us.

Donor gave us 8 mature eggs
4 eggs mine
4 eggs murray's

3 eggs fertilised for me (lost one)
4 eggs fertilised for murray

So 7 out of the 8 eggs were mature and fertilised (AMAZING)

With all of them making it to blasto stage. (Amazing)

I transferred 2 embryos into my surrogate (AA hatching blasto) (BC blasto)
Murray transfered 2 embryos (BB Blasto) (BC) and froze the remaining embryo.

I got a Positive with a HCG level of 849 and the it jumped to a HCG Level of 20,000 one week later, both embryos took and we were preg with twins, 2 heart beats at 7 weeks scan, 10 scan showed that only one of them made it , and 13 week scan show a very healthy and very active baby girl.

Murray got a negative and we tried again with his frozen embryo and a negative

So our baby girl is 7 months old and we are wanting to try again for Murray in the here future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you

Email me if you have any question Cohentobias@hotmail.com