My name is Jess and I'm in my third year of midwifery at the University of Queensland - based on the north of Brisbane.
As part of my degree, we are required to 'follow through' the pregnancies of at least 20 women in order to gain the knowledge we will require when we've graduated to be the best midwives we can possibly be.

The follow-through program offers you the opportunity to receive continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, while developing a trusting and supportive relationship with your student midwife. In turn, students have the privilege of following you through your journey, observing the care provided to you and your family during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. This allows us, the students, to expanding our knowledge of midwifery/ pregnancy, ultimately ensuring that we graduate as the best, most highly experienced midwives we can be.

As part of the collaboration, I am required to attend a minimum of five antenatal appointments (these may include anything from GP/midwife appointments, to birthing classes and ultrasounds). On top of this, I would be present during the labour and birth of your baby and will follow-up with at least two postnatal appointments after delivery. As I am a student midwife and therefore not yet registered, I would partake a primarily observational role in the appointments and birth – I do not replace your primary caregiver. I am there for support and a familiar face throughout your nine-month journey! Participation may include taking your blood pressure, abdominal palpations and running the appointment alongside your midwife or GP.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions!
0479 005 285