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    Default 1 year old sleeping issues, is this normal?

    My DD turned 1 this month and is on the cusp of walking. For the past week her nighttime sleep has been terrible, although her 1 day time nap goes smoothly.

    We have a very solid sleep routine which is bath, bottle, book and bed. We established this practically from day 1 and getting her down to sleep was the one sure thing I could count on. She would sometimes sleep through and other times wake around 1am but was easily patted or fed back to sleep.

    The past week she cries all through the bath and changing, drinks her bottle happily and seems to get drowsy but as soon as the bottle is finished it's like she gets a burst of energy and wakes up all alert then won't go to sleep. It takes hours of DH and I holding and rocking her or lying down with her to get her to sleep and she is consistently waking up repeatedly throughout the night. We were so used to being over this phase that's its really taking a toll.

    Is this normal behaviour and will it pass or is there something I can do to stop it? TIA!

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    I don't know if it's "normal" to have a sleep regression at 12 months but I certainly experienced one with ds, much the same as you are going through.

    He is now 15 months and apart from when sick or cutting teeth he improved when going down for the night a couple months ago.

    I didn't really do anything to fix it (apart from lose the plot from as much sleep as I got when he was a newborn) so can't really offer any advice, but just know you aren't alone.

    Hopefully someone else will pop in with some tips.


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