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    Try and get this book from the library. I love it, it really put things in perspective for me when I was tearing my hair out Give Peas a Chance: The Foolproof Guide to Feeding Your Picky Toddler by Kate Samela

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    I also wanted to say that it's all well and good for your DH to be strict about eating and meal times and eating what you're given without complaint etc...but number one, it hasn't helped and number two, he's not around - you're the one dealing with this on a nightly basis AND with a newborn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndigoJ View Post
    That's why im conflicted. I worry he doesn't eat enough. I don't want to create bad feelings about food though, dp really wants us to make strict rules about dinner time. At what age should he really be sitting down eating what it's served?

    (He only ate about a tablespoon of food all up)
    I think really from the start of solids once they start finger foods they should be eating with the family - or at least 12 months

    I think forcing him to eat will only make things worse and we want our kids to like their food and dinner time should be fun not something to fear - my girlfriend went through this with her 3 year old - they made him sit and the table for hours, they yelled, they tried making him eat a certain amount before he could leave etc and it just didn't work - the nutritionist they saw said the best way to do it is to take the stress out of dinner time and take a totally different positive approach

    They then served up dinner and all sat down together and said they would love him to eat some dinner but if not that's ok but he won't be getting any other food, they then ate their dinner talking about how nice it was and what to cook tomorrow etc , never made a negative comment , the first night he said he wasn't eating and they said that's fine you can leave the table , he said he was hungry an hour later and they brought out his dinner and said he can have that , he said no and went to bed without dinner, the next night he picked at a few things , left the table while they stayed and ate and talked about what to make the next day , the third night he happily sat at the table, still picked at his food but joined in the dinner conversation , after a week he started eating more and more , they were told to have a wide variety of food , including something's he likes so he had a choice , to also get him involved with choosing and cooking , it does take time but now he's really good, he even orders other food when we go out to lunch ( used to only eat sandwiches) but last week he asked for prawn pasta and ate some pieces of salad with DS!

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