At my 30week scan bub was estimated the be 2.3kg and above the 95th percentile. I know these scans can be out but this is my 3rd pregnancy and my previous 2 measured average at this scan and were born at 8lb and 8lb1oz (3.6kg)

According to that estimate bub will be 9 1/2-10 1/2 lb i am considering my options of a possible early induction at around 38weeks.

I was induced at 40weeks with my 2nd had no issues. Both my 2 first pregnancies they got stuck in the u-bend and were vacuumed out hence why I'm worried a bigger baby left to go full term will get really stuck ending in an emergency c-sect.

So I am wondering 3 things.

Firstly if ur bub scanned big at a 30week growth scan were they big at birth? Not fundal height but an actual growth scan.

Second did u get induced early? How did the birth go? Easy/hard, end in emergency c-sect? Gels and water broken needed?

Did U just go full term? How was the birth? Did u get a lot of damage from a big baby? Did u end up with an emergency c-sect? Shoulder disturtia(sp?) etc.

I'm trying to weigh up all my options before I see my OB again so I can have an idea of what I want to do before I ask his opinion.