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    Quote Originally Posted by Justwant2beamummy View Post
    It made me lose the plot. I was crying uncontrollably because I thought I'd already had my baby and the nurses had taken him away. Never again!
    I was similar, hallucinating and crying hysterically. I think my problem was that I was taking shallow breaths and not stopping to breathe oxygen between contractions. It wasn't pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Lily View Post
    You're stronger than me I want to be able to not panic and suck down the gas as much as they would let me lol
    I had a super quick labour of 4 hours so I was straight into the painful contractions. Didn't really have time to panic coz not long after I was sick I was at the pushing stage. I suffered a third degree tear and when I was getting stitched up I had to suck the gas again. I wanted to kick my ob in the head coz I thought the pain was over!! I wish he took me in for surgery instead. Having a needle jabbed into your vjj after tearing was hell.

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    It was great at first, i remember it really helped me focus on my breathing but it also made me vomit and shake.

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    1st baby- I really had no idea how to use it it made me sick and yuck and nearly falling of the bed so I have it for probably 30mins then got epi!
    2nd baby- used it again and properly this time! Probably a little off my head as I kept repeating things like if I looked at the door I repeatedly looked at it about 10 times over and over again until I came out of it! Was able to have bub without anything else (was very happy with his birth)
    3rd baby - had it, felt fine until I had an episode where I felt like I was dieing! It has scared the living crap out of me I could not sleep the night after having him for fear it was all a dream! The midwifed and my partner also freaked out! I was on the bed and the midwife would walk In and ask me if I was okay then I would drop out! This happened over and over again that in my head I told myself I had to get up and that's when I started grabbing my partner and came too! They took the gas away after that episode and I went on to deliver him without anything!

    Can't say I would or wouldn't use it again however! I'm serverly still freaked out by the episode I'm considering councelling!


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