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    Default Help needed urgently - 9 month old baby won't sleep at all

    I am desperately looking for some help regarding my DD (aged 9 months). She has not really slept AT ALL for over three weeks and it is really starting to take a toll on me and my DH. We are both completely exhausted, stressed and cranky.

    Here is what's happening:

    - She was sleeping 7pm - 6am but getting up twice a night for a feed
    - At nearly 8 months we stopped the over night feed
    - She was then sleeping 7pm - 4am and DH could resettle at 4am

    - Now we put her to bed at 7pm and she usually needs patting to sleep (can take up to 1 hour). Usually she wakes at least once within the next two hours and will need to be resettled.
    - She then sleeps till about 12. At this time she wakes up and needs us to pat her to sleep. If we try and leave the room (even when she seems to be in a deep sleep) or lift our hands from the cot, she wakes and needs to be resettled again.
    - If we do manage to get her to sleep and leave the room, she then wakes within 30 minutes and we have to do it all again.
    - This continues until 5am (ish) when she won't resettle in her cot and we bring her into us for a feed (and hopefully an extra hour sleep)

    Other info: she is breastfed and having solids; she doesn't have a dummy or other sleeping aid; we don't think it's teething (and panadol/nurofen/bonjela doesn't help anyway); she doesn't seem to be sick/in pain; we offer her water but she doesn't seem thirsty.

    She has up to three (short) day naps but needs to be patted to sleep for each of them (which can take up to half an hour).

    We haven't tried CC or CIO because I feel too guilty (but DH thinks we might need to try).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - we cannot keep going like this. We are not getting any sleep (max 1 -3 hours each a night) and it is making us crazy!!!


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    ^ I agree with the above.
    I have no idea how to help as DS1 was a miserable sleeper.
    However hindsight did make me realize I did not have enough milk and he was hungry. I'm not bf expert and I know other have strong opinions on this, but my DS2 needed a bottle top up every now and then at night.
    Good luck xx

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    Google the sleep lady shuffle, it's the only thing that worked for us - it sounds like the patting is her sleep aid. Good luck.

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    Just from experience my dd had a massive sleep regression from 8-10 months. She's almost 1 now it is much better now. Learning to crawl and separation anxiety peaks at his age. I toughed it out....
    It is awful though.
    Edit: I had a 5 minute rule in responding so i left her to cry and if she was still going or I felt it was escalating then I would go to her, 8/10 times she resettled herself within that time.
    Babies can to 12 hours without a feed at night if they are over 7kgs and 5 months. Remain consistent. . Mine does around 10 hours straight before waking for a feed
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    Thanks everyone. I am really feeling down without any sleep, and getting sick from it too. I stopped breastfeeding overnight because my MCHN insisted that she was too old and big (10kg) to need it. It is so hard to know what to do! I do think she has become dependent on us being there and patting to be able to settle.


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