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    Default Morning after pill delaying period?

    im not writing this for myself, so I'll explain as best I can from what I've been told.
    I friend of mine recently went through a traumatic experience- had an abortion and said she thought the reasons were logical at the time. She said she didn't want to go through with it if she was beyond 10 weeks, and found out after she was 11.5/12 weeks.
    Shes been traumatised but there were no complications. She got her period 4 weeks after the day it happened, and a couple of days later while on her period her ex husband sexually assaulted her. She had the MAP within 72 hours, but her period was due yesterday. Negative PG test- but is pregnancy possible? Or can the MAP screw you up?
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    Hi Sorrow, what an awful situation for your friend, you sound like a good support for her.

    Ok, firstly, yes the MAP can fail. I took it early last year after contraception failed as I have complex medical issues that require a lot of medication. I fell pregnant anyway, and have a beautiful son. However, I had a supportive partner who was willing to help me at home, but it is still a shock when you fall in that tiny percentage where it fails.

    BUT-having said that, it is rare. Im simply sharing that it failed for me.
    The best thing at the moment is to reassure your friend. Ive had it a number of times in the past when I was younger, and it never failed. Im the only person I know out of all the friends I know who have taken it over the last 20 yrs, who its failed for, and my GP also said I was the first he'd seen. Its very effective now as there is less nausea with it, and I honestly believe it failed for me due to my medication.

    It does often delay your period, and can change it ie: make it heavier or lighter than usual. On top of that she has recently had a termination, which can definitely mess around your periods for a few months afterwards. A combination of those two things could easily have put her cycle a bit out of whack.

    The fact that she has had a neg PG test after her period was due is good, but if she still hasnt had a period in the next few days then she may want to do it again, or even pop to her GP. If she feels unable to talk her GP then see if there is a Family Planning clinic nearby. They can do a blood test for her, even if its just for peace of mind, and she wont need to share what happened if she feels she cant.

    Although she's probably struggling right now, it would be worth finding the phone number for the Domestic Violence hotline in your state for her. She wont have to tell her name or details if she doesnt want to, and they can counsel her and provide numbers for support services that are there if she needs them.

    I really hope it works out for her, you are a good friend to support her


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