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    Default After school activities for older kids/teens

    Just wondering if your older kid, say late primary and over, does after school activities? I just don't know how long to keep it up? I would be particularly interested in hearing from parents who have lovely nerdy children, and when do you finally give up on the sport thing.

    My DS1 has turned 11yo recently, he has mild Aspergers which to sum it up, results in him being a non-social, shy, sensitive, polite, nerdy kid. I have tried him in sports in the hope of just keeping him active, maybe developing social skills, and sometimes teamwork depending on the sport. He has tried many different sports, some he only sticks at for the year, some he has done for years, but last year he quit everything and now only does Scouts, which he loves. Soccer enrolment is coming up and he is now saying he doesn't think he wants to do that anymore (which I was expecting, last year they started to get quite serious, he only does it for fun).

    So now I don't know whether to try and find another activity, or just to let him be. His dad has suggested karate/taekwondo, which seems fun and all, but I just don't know how long I should bother. Do boys in high school really still do sports and activities? I guess the one thing that I like about it though is that it keeps them busy, instead of wanting to hang out around shopping centres causing trouble. Not that I think my DS1 would do that, but I guess if he doesn't have time to then he definitely won't lol.

    So.... thoughts?

    And before anyone says "ask him", he is very difficult to get a genuine and well thought out answer from. He tends to just agree with me or say what he thinks I want to hear, and he isn't good at expressing his emotions.

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    hi cmf, my oldest three did Judo for quite a while, late primary into high school. It was very good and run by the PCYC. my youngest didn't get so excited with Judo, instead he was playing Rugby Union. He lost interest in that once he turned 14 and all the players started to grow so big and everyone took the game so serious. He didn't want to get his head knocked off. I liked to have the children doing sport for exercise, but I never really felt that it had to continue past their interest level. Marie.

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    What about a drama class?

    I used to attend drama classes when I was around that age, run by the local players theatre. It was so much fun


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