I've fallen off the biggest loser bandwagon this year. It was just too hard to keep track of when it was on. Will be watching tonight though. I'm rooting for Katrina or Craig. Katrina is just so lovely and I think Craig needs the confidence boost. I haven't liked Sharon since the beginning, she whinged too much about everything.

I think the reason they haven't lost the same amount of weight as in previous years is because of the format. Rather than having people who desperately want to lose the weight and change their habits apply to be on the show, they've gone to Ararat and just chosen people who are fat. Yes some of them had sad stories ie Mary, but I don't think many of them were actually emotionally ready to commit to the entire process. Those who were committed were either eliminated or had to leave for medical reasons. Has anyone seen the article on Cameron on news.com.au? He looks totally amazing. I hope he's at finale tonight. If he hadn't had to leave because of his heart I reckon he would've won by miles.