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    Default Unsettled breastfed baby

    Hi all

    Recently my now 7 week old daughter has become very unsettled particularly at night, sometimes taking up to 3 hours to settle.

    During the day she takes about 1/2 hour or longer to settle for a sleep and quite often it's only a cat nap and she wakes at the tiniest noises and then I have to resettle her again. (Patting, singing, shhhing, walking up and down the hall with her in my arms she screams if I out her in her bassinet).

    My mum suggested trying formula (she has had formula in the past but we tried giving her more formula than breastmilk) and she seems so much happier. She's eating more, sleeping more and taking way less effort to settle. I even took her to the doctor prior to formula to see if she had colic or reflux it was that bad.

    I have cut out cows milk, cherry tomatoes, chilli and chocolate. I drink decaf coffee. I can't think of any reason for her being unsettled but it's becoming apparent it's my milk

    Today she mainly had EBM and has become unsettled and is only catnapping again.

    Has anyone switched to formula and noticed a difference in their babies?

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    Have you talked to anyone about reflux? 2 of my bubs have had terrible reflux. Like you I eliminated all dairy from my diet, but they were also intolerant to soy, so until I eliminated it completely (checking all ingredients), they didn't improve. They also needed reflux medication.
    Can't answer your queries about the formula though, sorry.
    ETA- just re-read your post. What did the GP say about her unsettledness?

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    Im a bit rusty as its been a long time since i BF (stopped BF DS at 9 months) but from memory he could tend to get restless if he wasn't getting enough hind milk. How long is she feeding for per session?

    Edit: oops just realised this a older thread now - how is it all going OP?


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