Hi everyone!
My name is Erin and I am currently a second year student midwife at the University of South Australia. I completed my first year with great grades and an absolute passion for pregnancy and all it encompasses. I had placements at hospitals in the Adelaide region such as Burnside War Memorial, Modbury Antenatal clinic, Gawler Community Hospital and Ashford Hospital.

I've had the pleasure of delivering two little bundles of joy with the help of some amazing obstetricians and midwives and actively participated in giving care to almost 25 more beautiful, safe births (including caesareans).

As part of my program I am required to find 20 pregnant women who are kind enough to let me be a part of their journey and follow their pregnancy. This involves:

- coming to at least 2 antenatal appointments with the women and or family (some women love me to attend many more, some always have their appointments when I'm at work so everyone is different!)

- coming to at least 2 post natal appointments

-being at the birth and involved in whatever way the women feels comfortable

** It is not compulsory for me to attend the birth, however of course I love the opportunity and experience of being with a woman and her partner during one of the most amazing times in their lives. It is especially beautiful as I have know them and become friends with them over the course of their appointments. I am still in contact now with 4 out of 5 of the women I followed in 2013. I love seeing their new little bubs for cuddles.

I absolutely love this part of my degree, it is honestly the most rewarding feeling seeing a new life being brought into the world and I have had great feedback from the ladies too.. saying things such as "it was lovely to have a familiar face in the labour room". Which I can understand

So if you think you would like having some extra support and familiar face during your birth experience, whatever and wherever that may be, please feel free to give me an email (my details are below) and we can have more of a chat or meet up.

All the best in your individual journeys,
Erin Hall, 21, Student Midwife, Adelaide
EMAIL: halej005@mymail.unisa.edu.au