Thanks everyone for the tips.
I have to admit i am a bit scared of one of he kids getting sick or there being a bug (i am petrified of bugs) and i wont be able to keep my sh!t together.

Also, im the same Busy-Bee, i get very nervous at nights when im alone, especially with the kids. Ill keep the tv timer in mind.

I really am mostly worried about the adult conversations. I very much look forward to DH coming home for some company, not even really help (though that is great of course too).
I dont do well on my own emotionally and i very much need adult conversation. Im bipolar and very easily end up inside my own head and if i dont get it out i get depressed or anxious.

I will keep the meal planning in mind, i dont normally meal plan, i just do but if i dont i may fall into the unhealthy eating/cooking trap.

Thanks so much for all the support, at least i know the hub is here.