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    Quote Originally Posted by Jontu View Post
    Agree, if you really want to do it and have done all your research on it I think you should go for it. From my perspective I don't see it as cheating nor superficial. It's a bit like people who have lost heaps of weight and have loose skin and have surgery to fix it. It's corrective surgery rather than cosmetic. I also think it's a bit like having a beast reduction as opposed to breast implants (for non medical reason).
    I have the same problem and have posted on here after being constantly asked if I am pregnant. While the surgery outcome would be nice I am a chicken when it comes to the pain.

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    Lol.. its not the pain that scares me.. just surgery in general makes me nervous. I've been with my kids through several of their own surgeries and that was awful.

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    Initially I was doing physiotherapy through the hospital and quite frankly it was a total waste of time. But what ended up working for me was finding a personal trainer online that specialised in post natal women. She was amazing! She started off slowly but eventually I could do full blown sit ups and everything. My tummy isn't perfect now but it's flat and I feel comfortable wearing a bikini. I can run without feeling like I'm going to wet myself and my back pain and abdominal pain has subsided. I still may have to get surgery on my hernia in the future (and only then will I reconsider getting my muscles repaired) but at the moment it's not giving me too many problems.

    Good luck with it all. I know exactly how frustrating it is to have a damaged stomach and how it not only hurts your self esteem but it also effects your everyday life. Xx

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    Hi there,

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPopsicle View Post
    You'll feel amazing and so happy with the results you'll be so much more confident etc I can recommend perth surgeons from work who do great work
    I am new to the forums... I have a 4cm diastasis, a consequence of 4 very large children (I am short and very petite).

    Which Perth doctors would you recommend? Do you know if a 4cm separation means I could do the operation in a public hospital? (If it's considered a health issue).

    Thank you,


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    Default tummy tuck for diastasis recti and loose skin- why do I feel so bad? Good sto...

    Can totally relate...I am slim but had severe muscle seperation with ds1 and a hideous belly of loose skin. I can never find pants that fit. I can't wear tight tops. I truly dislike my belly. But it is not just the aesthetics. Last year I had to have surgery for a large hernia and ended up spending 7 days on a surgical ward. All as a result of the seperation.

    Other women may feel fine with their bodies post childbirth and that is awesome. But with this degree of muscle seperation it is not really "normal" post childbirth imo. It is very frustrating as no matter how much excersize you do, or how much you diet you can't get rid of it. Most of my friends who have had multiple children can just exercise to lose their post partum belly...and are back to wearing bikinis. This will never be an option for me. I am constantly asked if I am, or assumed to be pregnant, which is quite upsetting since we are having trouble ttc2 and may need ivf. Also, it has caused medical problems.

    My point is do what is right for you,and what will improve your quality of life. If you are an active person but can't exercise the way you want then this condition is having a negative effect on your wellbeing. If I ever have the money after our second child I will have that surgery in a shot!

    Ignore people who make you feel bad about your decision. They are not the ones who have to live with loose skin, reduced self esteem, inability to exercise and potentially dangerous complications like hernias.

    Good luck with everything
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