My name is Bronwyn and I am a 40yo mother of 3. I am also a 2nd year midwifery student at ACU Melbourne. As part of becoming a qualified midwife I am required to follow 20 pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth (optional) and early parenting period. This is called the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE). It would require me to attend a minimum of 2 antenatal appointments, the birth (if you agree) and a visit with the Maternal Heath Nurse after the baby arrives.

I have had the opportunity to follow 7 women so far and attended 3 births (3 due in coming months). They have been mutually beneficial and amazing experiences. I also had a student midwife follow me with my 3rd pregnancy so I have had the opportunity to enjoy the experience from both sides.

Obviously the experience is very valuable for me as a student, however there are also benefits for women who invite a student midwife to follow them through their pregnancy and birth. Women who participate in this program often report that having a student midwife is a great experience and that having a friendly, familiar face during a time which can be filled with so much uncertainty is a wonderful thing. In fact, some women enjoy the experience so much that they call and request the same student for subsequent pregnancies. Research also shows that women who receive continuity of care from a known care provider, even if that's a student, have much better outcomes including lower rates of intervention, reporting greater satisfaction with the birth...and even shorter labours!

If you are less than 35 weeks pregnant and would like to take part in this experience or would like more information I would love to hear from you

Bronwyn Woodward
Ph : 0425727585