Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this during pregnancy, particularly in the 3rd tri.. For the last two weeks, I've had a series of swollen lymph nodes in my left armpit; 6 in total so far. Each one has swelled to around pea size (some a bit smaller), most have been at least a little tender to touch, and after about three days they go back down again. They've come up one after the other, with usually two up at the same time. Right now it's #5 and #6, and #5 has been the most noticeable out of all of them (i.e. actually visible to look at, and the skin is a little red too), but #6 hasn't done much yet. As far as I can tell #1-4 have all gone back down as I can't feel any of them anymore. Just wondering what could be causing all this, as I have no symptoms of any virus or infection at all. I'm hoping to go and see my GP early this week, but I was curious as to whether anyone here had any input.