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    Default Could it have been implantation?

    Hi all,

    My fiance and I are 'spontaneously TTCing' - we aren't trying very hard atm, I'm not temping or full on charting.
    My cycle is very irregular so I never have any idea of when my period is due. Just over a week ago (CD 44) I started spotting, 6 days after BD and the spotting lasted for 4 days... At first I thought it was the start of my period, but it didn't get heavier and the spotting was so light, I only noticed it when I wiped. Its CD 56 now, nothing since.

    Also - I have been drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for a couple of weeks prior in the attempt to regulate my cycle, maybe that caused the bleeding?

    So my question is.. Could that have been implantation bleeding, or was it likely a extremely light period? Should I be worried about it?

    Also if you think it could have been implantation, when should I do a pregnancy test?
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