I have just joined! Probably something I should have done a long time ago.

My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for 2+ years.

Just for a bit of history, during this period I found out I had Cin3 and had several operations to have it removed. Followed by finding out I had severe endo. Which really should have been no surprise because I had always had unbearable periods.
Funnily enough the doctors never hinted at it. You learn more from these forums sometimes!!

Had operation to remove endo.
Fell pregnant 2 months later. We were over the moon. Shortly follow by a miscarriage. Approx five months on, still no luck!

I was placed on clomid after my endo operation because my cycle is just too unpredictable.

My period has been quite good since the operation except the one I just had.
Prepare for TMI but on day 1 & 2 it was so light and pretty much thought it was over. Also got a little excited for pregnancy because my temp stayed high. On day 3 I had SO much bleeding and incredible pain! I went through 3 pads in a matter of an hour with large clots. I could feel them coming and it was so bad. Later that day it slowed off. I half think it was another miscarriage?!

My concern and question is...my temperature always sitting 35.8 or 35.9 which raises to approx 36.1 36.3 when I ovulate. My temp drops back to 35.9 usually the day I am due for my period. Just like clock work (thanks to clomid). This month along with my crazy period, my temperature has stayed at 36.2 the whole way through. What does this mean? Is this common? I can't find any info on it. I'm worried it will be hard to track my ovulation this month if my temp never drops off. Just seems really odd.
Appreciate any thoughts on this!

Sorry for the incredibly long post!!

Me - 24
Hubby - 33
Currently - 8 days into cycle