The title probably makes no sense so read along as I try to explain. Also if this is the wrong spot I am sorry, please feel free to move mods!

After you have the baby and you get those delightful after pains of shrinking uterus and cramps and stuff - you either don't notice (first baby generally) or its horrible agony. When you AF returned after that baby, did the after pain give you a hint at whether you would have period cramps?

My example:
For my first child, I had no after pains, everything was easy. My period did not return for two years - - and when it did I had no issues, no pains. Nothing until I fell pregnant with my second and it stopped coming. Lol.

Second child, I had mild after pain, and when my period returned, this time it was 20 months later - I had minor pain with that first period, a little with subsequent but then none. Everything was fine until I again fell pregnant.

Third child, I had absolutely horrible after pains. It was so bad. I'd had a really easy labour - as far as labour goes and it was by far the easiest of the three - so I wasn't expecting the pains. I'd forgotten about it until yesterday.

DS is almost 18months old (tomorrow in fact) and yesterday AF returned. With a vengeance. I am having horrible cramps. I had to take panadol for it it got so bad and I try to avoid medicines at all cost. (I took nothing for the after pains when I had him, they called me Terminator, but I just am not good with medicine)

Is this just a weird coincidence? Or do your period cramps indeed get more noticeable the more kids you have? Or the older you get? I'm obviously a lot older now than I was when I had my first. Or is this just lucky because its my first returned period since I had him and my body is a bit rusty on the process and its harder? Any information would help.