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    Default Toilet training. Any advice would be appreciated.

    We are only a week into training. No pants at all, staying home, watching for signs, he is more comfortable on the potty than the toilet. So far he has done two wees on the potty. Both times were in front of the tv ( only way I could get him to sit still long enough) and two poos. I caught the signs both times and directed him to the potty.
    He tells me a few minutes before he needs to go saying 'poo' for both wees and poos. But then he will sit on the potty for about five seconds then get off saying 'no' and go back to playing. I watch him closely whilst I do housework , play etc. then when I'm busy or he moves away he does it on the floor. He will then come and tell me 'poo, poo'. I say we do poo and wee on the potty and then he is happy to go and sit on the potty. Any tips or stories of your boys would be really appreciated. I hope all of my ramblings made sense.

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    This sounds like my ds, except I want ready to tt him, he kept taking his nappy off, so I tried pullups, same deal, kept taking them off! He turned 2 march last year. He would only use the potty, but we only caught the odd wee, never poo. I tried a relaxed but positive approach. I just casually would sjk every 30ish mins or so, more often when I knew he needed to go (probably most would disagree on here) but when he done a wee in the potty we have him 4 mini mnms and made a huge deal out clapping and cheering, we would even call nana and tell her each time.

    In august we got one of them toilet seats with the step and handle thing. That day, he refused to wear, but... Would take himself! 3 days and he done it himself. He still had the occasional slip up, but after a couple of weeks we stoped offering tge mnms and he graduall y forgot to ask.

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    only advice I can give, is the average baby is ready to toilet train about two years old. If you start before the baby is ready, you wont have much success. Waking up dry is a good indication that the bladder has enough capacity to begin toilet training. Generally speaking girls are easier than boys to tt, but I really didn't have much bother with the boys or with the girls. Try not to stress, everyone gets there in the end. Marie.

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    How about reading on the potty or toilet. would he do that? My DS is in the process of TT at 2y8m and he's very active too, but will sit still when being read to. Not something we can keep up forever and he'd struggle to balance on the loo and hold the book himself but it works quite well where we are at this stage. I also think it's great your DS tells you before the act - mine hardly ever does so I have to just take him every couple of hours or when I notice he's jiggling around or when he starts to wet himself.


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