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    Default No Daddy But Want A Baby

    Hi All

    I have a BF but he is not interested for babies for another 5 years. I have had some testing done which have not come back the greatest. However, I have wanted kids for about 6 years now i just feel like i am constantly fighting with myself. I wake up every morning thinking I should be changing nappies and feeding and cleaning and cooking and washing, not getting ready to go to work. I want to advance in my career but at the same time i want to be a mum.

    Can anyone give me any information on sperm donners or how much they costs in QLD?

    thanks so much

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    No advice to give you on the sperm donors sorry, but I just wondered if you've spoken honestly with your BF about your feelings? Obviously you shouldn't push someone into having kids if they're not ready, but if he knew this is what you're considering then he may change his point of view.

    Lots of people are fantastic single parents, but ideally it's not something that you would want to do without any support - for both yourself and the baby. If you've had some concerning test results, it may be worth looking into having your eggs frozen for use later on.

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    I don't have advice on sperm doners either but I am curious as to how old you are? I know the feeling tho having children is something I knew I always wanted I never wanted a career I just wanted to be a mum. I was lucky enough to be bought up in a family where we could afford for my mum to be a Sahm so I always had such a great role model in that respect.
    I do agree with the other post you really need to have a very open discussion with your bf on the issue. As also said being a single parent is a hard gig I have a friend who has two young boys and neither of their fathers are on the scene may as well of been sperm donors and trust me it isn't easy for her it's bloody hard work!
    You said you got not so good test results are they bad as in you only have set amount of years left to have kids (low egg supply) or something that may make it hard for you to actually conceive in the first place?

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    A friend of mine had an extremely low AMH result. Her then boyfriend thought it was too early for then to have kids do they did IVF and froze some embryos.
    She is now currently pregnant with one of this embryos.
    Maybe if you know your bf wants them but just a bit later, this might be an option.


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