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    Default VBAC & Gestational Diabetes?

    Has anyone out there had a successful VBAC with gestational diabetes?

    I've just been diagnosed with GD, & I'm worried this will impact my plan if having a VBAC.

    Interested on hearing all opinions - people who successfully vbac'd, & also people who opted to go for a RCS once they got the GD diagnosis...

    Thanks in advance.

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    The biggest spanner in the works that GDM is going to throw you is that of induction.

    If you stay diet-controlled then they should let your pregnancy progress until 40+10 where they would be considering induction for post-dates anyway.

    If you were to need insulin then they would be wanting to induce around 38-39 weeks.

    The reason that the higher risk of induction has its problems is due to your uterine scar. Prostins (the gel to ripen the cervix) is contraindicated in women with previous uterine scars. They can however use a small balloon (Atard's catheter) to dilate your cervix to rupture your membranes.

    The next problem is then the use of syntocinon (the drip) to get things going if breaking you waters doesn't. Generally it's a lot more risky to use syntocinon with VBAC as if not used or monitored properly dramatically increases risk of uterine rupture. Improper use of syntocinon can cause uterine rupture in women without caesarean scars. So that would be a decision left to the obstetrician and if in a public hospital, specifically the consultant on call that day.

    If the doctors don't wish to use syntocinon, then it would be considered a failed induction and you would need a repeat caesarean.

    Why did you have your first Caesar? Did you go into labour spontaneously? IWas there fetal distress? Were drugs (syntocinon, epidural etc) involved?

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    I had GD and a successful VBAC. The dr's and midwives tried throughout the whole pregnancy to convince me to have a C section at 39 weeks. I was on quite a high dose of insulin 4 times per day. I stuck to my guns right up until 38 weeks when I asked to have an examination done to see if my body was progressing on it's own. After confirming that I wasn't showing any signs of labor what so ever I reluctantly booked myself in for the C section. The day before my booked section I woke up at 4.30am with contractions. I was in hospital by 6 and by 7 my body took over and started pushing on its own. I had an epi and then a forceps delivery due to the cord being wrapped around my daughters neck twice and was acting like a bunji cord everytime I pushed.
    It can happen so keep positive.


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