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    How stressful, I cannot believe your pregnancy is not being treated as hight risk!! My first pregnancy I had IUGR and also an amazing ob who was very much onto it from around 33 weeks. From 33 weeks I had repeated weekly scans, by 36 weeks I was having daily CTG monitoring at the private hospital I was delivering at and then at 37 weeks he deemed the pregnancy was no longer safe to continue with and induced me. DS was small and had a few blood sugar and body temp issues but was ok! Like you my placenta was falling apart and was in very bad shape and I also had retained tissue. My second pregnancy went along smoothly but once again by 32 weeks DD's growth had slowed and again my wonderful ob was all over it. My 2nd pregnancy was classed as high risk and I was monitored closely by my ob. I also developed high blood pressure this time. I had a growth scan and 36 weeks (also at 32, 33, 34, 35) that scan revealed my fluid levels were even lower than the previous week and her growth percentile had fallen again - as she was breech I had an emergency C/S the following morning at 36 weeks again she was small and had a few minor issues but was a lot safer than inside my womb.
    I have since been tested for everything, lupus, blood clotting disorders etc.. With everything coming back clear. If we have another bub I have been told the pregnancy will once again high risk.

    your GP needs to refer you to the high risk patient clinic at your local hospital, demand it!

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    Thank you everyone. Bit scary that the word lupus has come up a couple of times! I think I have to wait until that initial midwife appointment at the hospital for it to be decided if I am high risk yes? I am currently waiting for the letter in the mail to indicate when that may be. It could take upto 6 weeks unfortunately. I really wish my gp referred me earlier, but glad I got onto it and made them do it, better late then never. I have posted this on another site also and am surprised with how many people think it's a no brainer that I be closely monitored during this pregnancy, it's comforting that Im not the only one that thinks so. Tempted to print that out and take it with me. Especially all the similar stories and experiences.

    Thank you again ladies and wish me luck!


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