I am almost 36 yo I have 2 boys (14 and almost 2) we have been trying to conceive another baby for almost 15 months now. I went to my GP after 9 months of trying and had blood tests done to check I was ovulating and all was ok. I went back again at 12 months and the GP did a sperm analysis on my hubby which was also good. I got a referral to my OB/GYN and he has done ovulation tracking and sent me for a HSG test and everything has come back clear. I am finding it very draining each month to keep trying and have no success. The OB/GYN has said to keep trying and if nothing happens in a few months he will send me to a fertility clinic for assistance which would be IUI.

Does anyone have any advice on anything else I can try or can share your story to give me a little hope. I guess I just thought it would happen like it did with my last baby but its just not happening. Thanks