Hi all!
Currently 39+5 with my 4th baby. All labours have been different:
1st one started with waters breaking, was then induced 24hrs later and DS was born at 38+6 after long labour, epidural and episectomy.
2nd one, was having lots of lower back pain the weeks leading to birth, the day before diarrhoea, vomiting, lots of back ache. Woke up at night to the first mild contraction, labour progressed very fast, 2h45min later sDD was born, no drugs, at 39+3.
3rd one, no pre-symptoms really, started contractions on and off the evening before, went thru the night on and off, only got regular late next morning, DD2 was born at 2.30pm that day, no drugs, very controlled labour, at 40+3.

Now, been having lots of BH last week, intense at times. Last night woke up at 3am to contractions that felt like start of labour, mild period like pain. At 4am was having them approx every 5min and they had intensified, so I thought it has started. But then contractions stopped. Started again about 5am, but have't gotten regular pattern, or gotten stronger. Noticed slight red tinge in the mucus this morning.

Very anxiously hoping this is it and it wont take too many false alarms anymore....